Program Focus

Circle Dance Kids.png

1.     Dance for Performance/Events

Focusses on developing specific choreography for a performance or event: School Assembly, Book Week, Year 6 Graduation, Open Day, Christmas Concert, School Musicals/Production, Wakakirri, Step Into The Limelight.


2.     Dance for Creative Communication

Focusses on exploring dance composition and choreography to communicate ideas and tell a story. Students are supported to develop, perform and analyse their own dance works. This focus is recommended for Year 5 and 6 students.


3.     Dance for Cultural Awareness

Focusses on movement forms from around the world and encourages awareness of and appreciation for diverse cultures. Some of the world styles include Bollywood, African, Swing Dance and Latin styles. Indigenous Australian dance can be covered through creative tasks and storytelling but not through movement repertoire. 


4.     Dance for Style-specific Technique

Focusses on style-specific movement forms, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical Musical Theatre and Partner dancing/pair work.


5.     Dance for Mindfulness

Focusses on mindful movement practices, including Yoga and Nia dance, to remove distraction, increase body/sensory awareness and soothe the nervous system.


6.     Dance for Fitness

Focusses specifically on using dance to build students cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. Students are supported in setting personal fitness goals and are educated about general health and wellbeing.


*EM can also provide one-off workshops for individual classes, special needs groups, school staff and the wider school community including team building workshops, dance fitness classes, discos and dance parties.