Nia with Em

EM's Nia classes are held in line with the ACT public school term. 10 weeks followed by a 2 week break.

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement and please bring a drink bottle for water.

Every BODY is welcome to join anytime in the term.

Nia with Emily is one of the highlights of my week. Alongside her serious professional dance knowledge and experience, Emily brings passion, warmth and joy to all her classes, and it’s contagious for all her students. I loved Nia from the first day I tried it - it melts away the stress, offering energising and revitalising dance fitness that lets you find your own groove, and love your body instead of punishing it. If you’re considering Emily’s classes, go! You won’t regret it!
— Heather Champion, Editor and Writer



New to Nia, 3 class pass: $30

5 Class Pass: $85

10 Class Pass: $150

Casual: $20

Payments can made in cash or via EFT on the day.

Classic Nia

Tuesday: 6.15-7.15pm

Term 3: 24 July - 25 Sep

Term 4: 16 Oct - 18 Dec

Lyneham Primary School, Brigalow St, Lyneham ACT 

Classic Nia is a fun, barefoot, cardio movement class to music. Classic Nia incorporates simple movement patterns, drawn from the dance, martial and healing arts, and is designed to tone your body and calm your mind. You will step out of a Classic Nia class feeling energised, mentally clear and emotionally balanced.

Every class is adaptable to your individual needs and ability, as you’re empowered to explore a variety of intensity levels and modify movements to safely condition and nurture your body.


Gentle Nia


Gentle Nia uses the same music and moves as Classic Nia but with less physical intensity. Gentle Nia is taught at a level I, the most intrinsic, close to the body movements, with an emphasis on awareness, breath, balance, and self healing. Gentle Nia is great for those who prefer a softer, slower-paced movement practice. 

Classes are designed for every BODY, including individuals dealing with stress, injury, illness, or movement challenges. This class can be done standing or sitting and is suitable for beginners. 


Nia Floorplay


Nia FloorPlay is an expressive movement class that uses the elements of play, gravity, the body and the floor to achieve self-healing and holistic fitness. In FloorPlay, a way of moving and exploring is reawakened, that many of us have lost since we began walking as a child. 

Throughout a class, you are guided to play with endless movement variations on the floor as well as moving from a high plane (standing) to a low plane (on the floor). The use of the body as a free weight stimulates and conditions the body, allowing you to stretch, mobilise, strengthen, balance, relax and release. 

Kneepads or mats can be used to help the body move with greater freedom and relaxation.


  • Emily is an inclusive, enthusiastic, friendly Nia teacher who makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome in her classes. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom and non-judgmental feeling of being part of a class which is a balance of mindful movement and exercise. I will definitely be attending regularly.
    — Amy Dunn, Artist and Secondary Teacher
  • Emily's Nia classes are a great way to unwind after a busy day at work. The classes provide both a great physical workout and a chance to engage in some mindfulness practice. Emily is amazing in the way she motivates the class and her energy and joy for Nia practice is infectious.
    — Hannah Carey, Performing Arts Executive Teacher
  • Expressive, Freeing, Fun.
    — Claire Appleton, Communications Adviser
  • Dancing Nia with Emily has allowed me to meet like-minded people, make new friends, refresh my energy after work, accept and love my body, and finally enjoy exercise!
    — Fiona Riley, Mum