Emily Appleton - Director/Principal Teacher

Emily Appleton is the founder and director of Energy in Motion. Emily is a qualified dance educator, with over a decade’s experience teaching and creating dance in primary, secondary and private institutions.

Throughout her career in the Arts, Emily has worked as a dance teacher and coordinator, choreographer, movement director, arts event manager and host, team-building facilitator, artist and performer. In addition to managing Energy in Motion, Emily is currently the Head of Dance at Gungahlin College.

  • Bachelor of Arts - Dance and Theatre Studies, University of New South Wales (2008)
  • Bachelor of Education, University of New South Wales (2008)
  • Cabaret, Canberra Philharmonic Society (2014) - Performer
  • Certified Nia Dance Blue Belt Teacher (2015)
  • Rock of Ages, Canberra Philharmonic Society (2016) - Performer
  • Chicago, Canberra Philharmonic Society (2017) - Choreographer
  • Ausdance ACT Board (2014-2017) - Secretary
  • Canberra Philharmonic Society (2014-ongoing) - Committee Member
  • DanceKids Take Flight Education (2014-ongoing) - Presenter, Script-Writer, Choreographer 

Emily's Vision

In an industry that often promotes competition and external appearances, I noticed a need for dance that focussed on fun, self-expression and self-care. I envisioned classes that were inclusive and accepting, with children and adults of all ages, levels of experience and physical facility accessing the joy of movement for enhanced health and wellbeing. What has emerged is Energy in Motion.  

EM creates a place of sanctuary away from life’s distractions.

EM empowers you to listen to your body and make positive choices.

EM supports you to create and express through movement.

EM holds a space for community connection.

What’s in a Name?

The name Energy in Motion was chosen to represent a philosophy. It is my belief that when a person is in a state of joy, they leave a positive imprint on the world. So, if I can bring more joy to the world and encourage others to make joy a priority, this will have a positive ripple effect… a process I refer to as energy-in-motion.